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I'm a new member and am looking for some help or reassurance about my procedure I just went through. I had a L5-S1 360 degree fusion after getting hurt at work and waiting 15 months for all other procedures and workers comp., to help me. I had two opions and chose my Dr. after WC sent me to a DR. with bad reviews. I chose when of the best Dr. in the area to have this procedure done after being denied a artifical disc replacement 3 times. I had the 360 Fusion of L5-S1 done 12 days ago (10-31-11) Halloween of all days.
The facility and Dr.'s, nurses, ect. were all great and I feel that most of my issues before the surgery are better than before. The last 6 days Have been unbelievably painful, waking up after 2 hrs of sleep with hip pain,buttocks, and leg. This is more pain than I had prior to the surgery. I understand that I need some time to heal from the procedure, but this pain is to the point that I'm ready to go to the emergency room! I was taking 3-4 narcos and occassional flexril or zanaflex before the surgery and now I'm watching the clock to take every possible pain killer/muscle relaxer on time....or a little early. I go to my Dr. in 2 days and I have called in to the nurse to get more Narcos and Voltair gel. They sent me home with the bare minimum and I've bilt a tolerance up from taking Narco since last Dec. I wake up after 2 hours from taking 10/325 narco and 4mg zana flex in extreme pain9/10 on the 10 scale about ready to cry. I have a high pain threshold after having other surgeries and throat cancer, radiation,hernias,gall bladder, kidney stone, ect.
This is getting unbearable. I've been walking 2 miles a day sence I left the hospital and have followed all the instructions I recieved. The only releif I get at night when I wake up is to lay in the doorway flat on my back and use the door jam to stretch my hamstrings. I had some sciatic pain before the surgery and right hip pain and leaning foward or backwards was painful. This pain is driving crazy and I can't seem to get any relief. This is all new pain the other issues seem better, but this pain at night is killing me. I use to be able to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night. Now, maybe 2 or 3 and I have to get up.
Does anybody have any ideas or advice to help me out until tuesday when I go to the Dr...... Is this normal, GOD I hope not!
I'll be back with more info, any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
I would suggest you are walking too far too soon. Your level of activity is too much for what your body has been through. Are you walking 2 miles at one time? I would suggest taking several shorter walks.

It is not unusual to have pain in the hip/buttocks area after fusion, particularly fusion at L5-S1. Sometimes it is a matter of the muscles in the lumbar spine rebalancing with the glutes and piriformis muscles. The sciatic nerve runs directly underneath the piriformis, so if there is any irritation, it can aggravate the sciatic nerve.

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