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So, after speaking with my drs office, they stated they are not the ones that need to request a re-read or changes to the final report, and that I should be able to request it- or my attorney.

I called the hospital back,and they said no, I am not permitted to request any such thing. I then let them know the name of my attorney, so that when they call they will know what its regarding, they then insisted they dont deal with attorneys, medical records does that. I said well fine, then transfer me.... Then their tune changed. They repeated- well what is the problem with your results- I said- I DONT HAVE A TWO LEVEL SPINAL FUSION in my back that's what! I have ONE, with the screws and rods easily seen, among other discrepensies (not as huge but incorrect) regarding surgical manipualtions of my disc levels. (laminectomy was on wrong disc level-etc).

They said fine, can I drop off my last back mri for comparison- which I don'thave. THEN they wanted at least the last report, they tried requesting from another hospital- which would not send without my written consent.

It was a phone tag for two hours- them insisting to see copies of my prior reports (not films) for correlation. They asked me AGAIN what discs I had what done to surgically....them stating I have a 2 level fusion- ME saying- welp- then the 2nd one fused itself in the past 4-6 months since my last MRI...

Finally, I did get a release FAXED to the OLD hospital, authorizing the last 2 MRI reports sent to them. They seemed relieved that they were finally recieving- I am rather curious now, if the MRI results are even MINE. I will find out the true findings - or re-wordings- soon I suppose. AND OF COURSE my attorney never returned my call today- to even assist me in deciding IF I should have sent them the reports from the other hospital. There is no reason they would need those- just read the #($*%( MRI as it is- PROPERLY or- find MY BACK SCAN that has a one level fusion. I am beginning to think with all of their strange questions and not understanding I know FOR A FACT what surgeries I had to my own spine........that either not a radiologist did my report OR that its not even mine.

:dizzy: BUT I do thank you again for telling me to call n have it fixed!! What do you make of all that???? Insane isn't it???

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