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Are you being treated by the same spine specialist who did your cervical procedure?

Have you had more than one opinion? The reason I ask is that pain on the front side of the thigh is not a typical location of pain from a problem with the L5-S1 segment. This is typical coming from a nerve at L3 or L4, sometimes L2. The L5 nerve innervates the outside of the calf down into the foot and the 3 middle toes. S1 typically causes what we tend to think of as "sciatic" pain, running down the back of the leg, back of calf to the outside edge of foot, to the little toe.

I am not contradicting your doctor, but I would advise you to take a look at a "dermatome map" that you can find online, and then ask your surgeon if your symptoms match up to what the MRI is indicating. Sometimes a badly bulging disc on an MRI turns out to be asymptomatic, and a bulge that looks fairly benign can hurt like crazy.

Otherwise, assuming they are operating on the disc that is causing your pain, it is a relatively easy procedure. You do need to be very careful afterward though, as the tendency is to try to return to "normal" activities too quickly post-op, which can result in the disc reherniating. So plan on taking it easy after surgery, even if you feel great.

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