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Hi everyone,

three years ago I was diagnosed with a herniated L5-S1 disc which is pressing on a nerve on the right side that causes hot throbbing pain that runs over my right hip across and down the front of my right thigh to just before my knee. For the past 3 years Dr's have done multiple PT, injections, nerve blocks and denervation all of which have not helped. Dr. ordered another MRI in September and found that the herniation ins much worse than it was 3 years ago. We decided that surgery is the next option because I am tired of being on pain meds for so long and want some kind of normalcy back in my life. So the Dr. said that what he will be doing is removing the portion of the herniation that is pressing on the nerve. Has anyone here had this done? It won't be a fusion. What is the outcome of this surgery? Yeah the Dr. said I'd be up and about in 3-6 weeks, but I want to know from real people what they experienced. How was the pain? Will I need more than a week's worth of help at home? I have a gazillion questions. Is there a possibility that this herniation could become worse again, requiring yet another surgery later on? Would it be better to just have a fusion? My Dr. is a great doctor, but because he has never had this surgery done to himself, I can't really accept what he tells me with regards to recovery.

thanks everyone for your insight.

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