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I was assaulted a couple of months back... I tried to do some neck exercises midway between then and now, that winded up making the neck issues worse. Since then I've had a few chiropractor appointments where he snapped my neck, and I feel as if that loosened up whatever was wrong in there even more... So now I feel instability and weakness right from the base of my skull. I had a MRI a while ago, the doc said there was nothing structurally wrong and that maybe it is a muscle spasm(s), and may resolve itself on its own.

Any thoughts? Should I continue exercises?? Thanks a bunch
Was the MRI before or after the chiropractic adjustment? If it was before, then get another one done. He may have dislodged a piece of disk or even bone or a bone spur. Chiro care for a neck is never a good idea IMHO. You have blood vessels to the brain going through those bones and if done wrong, can end up in a possibly fatal stroke.

But if it keeps up, no matter when the MRI was done, it justifies another one or maybe a CT....a CT will show the bones much better than an MRI. MRI's are great for showing the disks but for the bones, the CT is better....and considerably cheaper.

Jen(fused C3 to T1)
I'd also follow-up with the doc since it sounds like it was a bit ago and things have not improved. The doc may have hoped it was just a temporary problem and will likely take different action as it becomes more chronic.

And sending a hug for the awful to have such an experience AND be left with the physical pain on top of the emotional. Do seek out support for your mental well-being too....I do NOT mean to suggest it is in your head, I believe pain is very real, but stress and trauma do feed into it and can compound the physical trauma.

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