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I think this is the correct board for your issues, since it sounds like your pain generator is in your back.

It is probably a good idea to have another EMG...but it does sound like you are being passed around among doctors because no one can find the definitive reason for your pain.

If you haven't done so already, you should get copies of all your tests, including CDs of the MRI. Start a file where you will put all copies of your medical records. This way, when you see a new neurologist, you will have copies of the MRIs to take along for his/her review. Just call the place where you had the MRI done. You will have to sign some sort of release, but, by law, you are entitled to copies of your medical records, including all imaging.

If your current pain management doctor is not taking your pain seriously, perhaps you need to find a different doctor. Sometimes one doctor will hit a dead end in his own imagination and cannot think what might be causing your pain in a new way. Sometimes a new set of eyes and ears will need to some new things to try, etc.

There are many other causes of radiating pain other than discs. You may have a degenerative facet joint for example, or some instability at that L5-S1 level which is causing the leg pain. Have you had a flexion/extension X-ray, for example, to check for instability? But, just because a disc herniation is smaller than it was, this does not mean that it is NOT causing pain.

Pain at the L5-S1 segment can be ruled in or out by having a diagnostic nerve block or an injection into the facet joint itself.

Sometimes as a patient, we have to be very persistent in attempting to find answers to what is causing our pain. If the answer isn't immediately obvious, some doctors seem to lose interest. Then the patient has to go back and ask "what else can we try?" or, perhaps, try a different doctor.

Don't give up. You deserve to have some answers, and some relief from your leg pain.

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