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I had surgery on Wednesday, and am doing very well in the surgical site. Very little pain.

I am still having leg pain, although it doesn't seem to be as bad.

But since I'm on pain killers I'm not sure I can really tell.

Where my pain was steady it seems to come and go now. I assume that's a good sign.

How long after surgery should one expect to have some sciatica before it's reasonable to start worrying about it.

I had sciatica almost 2 years prior to the surgery.

Thanks for any input!
Well, that's the million dollar question. Many surgeons will tell you that it takes nerves a very long time to heal...and that it is perfectly normal to have nerve pain after surgery. The key is to monitor if you find the pain gradually improving, no matter how slowly, or if it stays the same or gets more intense.

In general, with a discectomy, I would say it would not be unusual to continue to have leg pain for several months post surgery.

Remember to walk. This is the most important activity you can do right now. Distance and length are not important. It is better to take a number of small walks during the course of the day than one or two longer walks. The point of walking at this early time period is to stretch out the spinal nerves and to keep scar tissue from attaching to the nerve as it is forming and filling in.

The first six weeks are the riskiest period after a discectomy (risk of reherniation) so take care to follow doctor's orders precisely. Do not push yourself no matter how great you are feeling.

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