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I have some questions that I would like some input on. I do not have "classic" back trouble (sciatica, etc). However, I have discovered (via ct scan) that I have arthritis on my spine, and I seem to have particular trouble with my mid-back up to between my shoulder blades. So, I would like to describe my pain and see if others can relate and maybe have any suggestions. I have been to a cardiologist that has ruled out (I hope) heart trouble.

I get pain in my mid to upper back. This pain is a bit different as it isn't really a sore feeling, more of a burning, raw sensation that is not surface, but deep. The pain seems to travel around to my chest. I have an aching/burning sensation on my xyphoid process, as well as what can be best described as a deep burning or raw sensation in two fixed locations on my chest. These areas are about 3 inches below either side of my collar bone, or about halfway between my nipples and collarbone. It feels like the pain is deep and not superficial. If I lay on a hard surface with a heat back wadded up and put directly under my mid back, that seems to help. I also get a fair amount of pain throughout my chest when I stretch or twist, as well as pain radiating throughout my abdomen. Lately, I have noticed another odd one; on my right butt I get a feeling as though I sat in hot water, and then it goes away, only lasts a few seconds to maybe ten seconds at most and then goes away. It doesn't hurt, it's just weird. Can anyone relate, or am I a unique case?

Regards, Brenden.

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