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Hoping someone may be able to help me understand my latest MRI Scan as the Secretary of my Pain Management Consultant will not even give me an appointment to see him at the moment and my Orthopaedic Consultant who carried out my surgeries says she cannot do any more for me,it is now left to my GP to prescribe my medications and I do not know where to go.
Brief History
Fell down heavily on my backside Nov 2008
Spent until September 2009 being treated for a slipped disc/trapped nerve and only when I lost the power in my right leg and could not speak with the pain was I admitted to hospital.
L5 Decompression was diagnosed and a Disectomy performed Dec 2009,one week after leaving hospital leg went again and pain was even worse from back to foot so a revision Disectomy carried out Feb 2010 during which a Dural tear occurred pinning me to hospital bed flat on back for 48 hours.
Prescribed Nuerontin 400mg x 3 daily
DF118 30mg x 3 daily and more if needed
Arcoxia 120mg x 1 daily
Pain just about being managed by myself with aid of medication but still no full nights sleep and big weight loss due to pain and inability to eat properly because of drug effects.Ortho Doc finally told me it was scar tissue and they could do no more for me,sent me to pain management doc instead in Dec 2010.They decided that the only treatment was SCS and I was so desperate I agreed.Health Service here in Ireland is very bad and Oct 2011 before I was sent for.When I entered hospital supposedly for 5 days to have SCS done they decided to try Ketamin/Lidocaine infusions over 3 days whilst still taking my full medication.Day 1 no effect on pain.Day 2 last 10 mins of infusion sent all the nerves in my back and right leg absolutely mad,even a sheet near my body was a major enemy,Day 3 same as Day 1 and as there was no capacity for an MRI to be done while I was in there I was sent home to wait for an appointment.I was told I would not have the MRI done until Sept 2012 so I got the finance together and went privately.
Degenerative disc disease most marked at L4/5,L5/S1 levels.Bilateral lateral recess narrowing worse on right hand side.Minimal enchancing epidural scar.
Spondylosis with multi level disc disease,disc bulge to left side exit foramen at L2.An Annular bulge to the left at L4/5.Disc protrusion central and to the right at L5/S1.Previous decompression at L5

Should I still be in this much pain after all this time?????:confused:
Welcome to the board. Sorry no one has responded to your post. I'm sorry you are still in pain. I can see reasons on your radiology report for your pain, but I do not see the reason why your surgeon blamed your pain on scar least the only thing mentioned on the report is "minimal enhancing scar tissue." Normally something described as "minimal" is not bad enough to be the pain generator....but perhaps there is other scar tissue, or epidural fibrosis, that is not mentioned in the report.

Degenerative disc disease is mentioned...and that can be a cause of lower back pain. It is something that is not treated surgically unless it is causing bad nerve compression. Your MRI report does not specifically list specific nerve compression, but does indicate "Bilateral lateral recess narrowing" which is a form of stenosis and can result in some nerve pain.

It looks like most of the lumbar discs have some degenerative changes, to one degree or another. The report mentions a bulge at L2 and another at L4-L5. Either of these could be causing pain. It just depends on the degree of nerve irritation or compression that is associated with the bulges...and finally, L5-S1, the disc where you have had two discectomies is again bulging.

My answer to your question is that "all this time" has little to do with your pain. It looks like you have a number of things going on in your lumbar spine that are causing you pain....since most of them probably effect spinal nerves, it may be that the neurontin is not working too well for you.

Unfortunately with degenerative issues, these are not issues that will clear up with time. Spondylosis is an "umbrella" term that is used to describe lower back pain and degenerative disc disease. It can refer to general back pain in which there is degeneration of the spine but no known cause of back pain. It can also describe osteoarthritis in the spine. Most of us develop at least some of these problems as we age. If your bulging discs are not the main pain generator for you, and if they are not considered operable, I imagine you will be looking at pain management to deal with these issues.

Good luck and please let us know how you are doing.

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