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Hi thanks for reading..
I had the LAMI/fusion L5S1 almost 2 yrs ago July. After the operation at 3 wk checkup I told them that I was in excruciating worse pain. They said well take motrin you'll be fine. Three mth checkup he said you look fused good luck to you. Never heard from them again was referd. to pain MGMT. I told them I am in excruciating pain something isnt right after 6 months I left and just dealt with this. I have been in agony for almost 2 years daily/nightly. I beat myself up emotionally day after day because I figured that this is the norm deal with it.
I have felt suicidal at times because of the pain. I couldn't imagine another year or day or 10 years. I am a married stay at home mom two kids 2 dogs yadda yadda. Well, the other day I went to go to mailbox we live in the country so the walk down driveway is loooooong. I couldnt work my left leg at all because of the pain. I was crushed and furious with myself.
I called an ortho surgeon. After xrays he said 2 screws are broken and it looks like the previous surgeon did not screw left screw into my bone but the actual muscle next to it. So for 2 years I have been living like this. The new dr. says he can do endoscopic 45 min hardware removal (after confirmation ct scan) I'll go home next day and that it could relieve the pain. Which is top of both buttcheeks, numbness to tingling and burning but pain there always.
Sciatica down both legs sometimes at same time but mostly alternating but always there. Painful muscle spams in right calf on off always there(daily) it feels like someone charlie horsed my thigh or calf. My left hip outside burns so bad I stop when walking to catch breath and it travels to my outer left knee. I take nothing but motrin for pain and use chinagel to no avail.
I've given myself an ulcer from nsaid use. I don't know what to do I feel somewhat relieved to know I was NOT crazy these past 2 years but I'm just too worn out emotionally to even think. I am 36 mom to a 3 yr old. Hubby is a truck driver and home every 3-4 weeks for 3-4 days. He's furious with the Neurosrgn over this and I am just well over it all...Does anyone have advice on what possibly could be a good move ?

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