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Hello, and thank you,

My MRI all refers to L4-L5 and L5-S1 and they speak of stenosis, all my doctor seems to want to de is to give me pain killers but I am not really a tablet taker so do not take them. do you think injections in my spine would be better or is this just masking the problem, I have had physio and that did nothing. I live in France and my French is very limited. thank you for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it.

It is strange that you said that about your friend thinking it was her hip as that is what I though but had an xray of my hip and it is fine, i think it is all steming from what they say in the MRI it being the L$-L5 and L5-S1 and the stenosis all the MRI is in French.
I really dont know which way to go as this is so dibilitating when I can not walk for long and the pain goes into the bones in my bottom.
My treatment plan was based on the severity of the stenosis (l5-S1, the complete herniation of one disc and moderate in two others, and the fairly rapid progression from that horrible hip/buttocks/leg pain into numbness running the outside of my calf and across to my foot. Based on those things, they did not believe the injections would provide more than very brief relief and would generally be a waste of time and effort. I had surgery (no fusion), and while recovery has been unpleasant, it is mostly better than the original pain!!
Hi thank you for offering to read the french reoprt,
Dimetre antero-posterieur de canal rechidien etroit de facon constitutionnelle et majore par la discarthrose surtout en regard de L4-L5 et L5-S1

Arthrose articulaire posterieure retrecissant le canal dans le sens transversal

Protrusion discale L3-L4 L4-L5 et L5-S1.

Arthorose inter-articulaire posterieure bilaterale entrainant un conflit a l'emergence des racines L5 dans les resessus, surtout gauche et imprtant arthrose inter-articulaire bilaterale L5-S1 predominant a gauche entrainant un conflit sur la racine S1 gauche.

Dimetre antero-posterieur de canal rachidien etroit de facon et majore par la discarthrose
EN L3-L4
Aspect normal du disque
Aspect Libre des racines L3 dans les foramens
EN L4-L5
Saillie discale globale harmonieuse en faveur d'une protrosion
importante arthrose inter-articulaire posterieure retrecissant le canal dans le sens transversal et entrainant un conflit a l'emergence des racines L5 dans les resessus en particulier a gauche apects libres racines L4 dans les foremens
EN L5-S1
Aspsects libre des racines L5 dans les foramens
Protrusion discale.
importante arthrose inter-articualte posterieure predominant a gauche entrainant un net conflit sur l'emergence de la racine S1

Pas d'hypersignal de la medullaire osseuse en regard de articulations sacro-iliaques et coxo fermorales ainsi qu'an niveau de l'insertion de tendons gluteaux.

Hope thats ok, and thank you so much, I am just in consitant pain.

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