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I am praying that someone can give me some idea on how to help my son. He just turned 17 yesterday, and for the past year and a half, has been suffering back pain that is not going away, and has no diagnosis. I will start from the beginning, maybe someone sees something that us or the doctors are missing.
It started last December. My son came to me complaing his back hurt. Now, before this, for a few months, he was having sore throats that the Dr. said was strep, but the strep test he had was negative. Then the Dr. said it was mono. Then came the back pain, but I dont know if it is related. He visited his regular Dr. His urine was DARK, like the color of tea, and it showed excessive billirubin. They did blood work, and it all came back ok. Then they ran more blood tests, more detailed and they all came back fine. They said he was dehydrated. By his next visit his urine was normal. He was given steroids, muscle relaxers, and Ultram over those few weeks and none of it relieved his pain.
After several more visits to the doctor, he was referred to an Orthopedic Dr. The Orthopedic Dr. did more bloodwork, xrays, and an MRI. Some mild scoliosis was noted on the xray, and the MRI showed some wedging in a few vertabre. He then had a ct scan and it showed irritation in his lower back, but no tumors or anything specific. He was then diagnosed with Scheurmanns disease, and we were told it was mild and self limiting. He was put on physical therapy and given perscripton Aleve, Ultram, and Lortabs (not all at the same time). The pain medication did nothing to relieve the pain really. All this time he is sleeping very poorly and missing a lot of school. He cannot sit in one postistion for long periods of time, or pretty much do anything for long . The physical therapy didnt help, it seemed to make the pain worse. After the physical therapy (this is now the following September) He started having issues with his stomach, and I worried he was doing damage from the pain meds. He at ne point became very ill and was vomiting, shaking, pale, and faint. We went to the ER and his bloodwork urine and GI scan came back normal. He was given benadryl dilaudid and lidocane I believe. Plus meds for his nausea and indegestion. They concluded he had a virus and inflamation of his GI tract, but no real diagnosis. This went on for a week or so, and 3 trips to the ER. He was given scripts for anti nausea meds, pepcid, and lortabs and percocet (not at same time). The only thing that helped was percocet, and he only had a few.
He in the meantime he has been put on homeschooling, and has pretty much been confined to his bed (a tempeurpedic we bought for him) because its the only place that gives him some small relief. He has dropped 30+ pounds and is becoming skin and bones. He is depressed, and anxious.
Since October, he has returned to the orthopedic Dr., and had another MRI and xrays. They showed the Scheurmanns has all but healed, and a couple of Scmorls(?) nodes, but again, nothing serious. He has seen a neurologist, and they say its not neurological. He was referred to Emory spine center, and upon seeing the orthopedic Dr. there, he said it doesnt seem to be in his spine or bones, so a pain block would not help. He sent him for a kidney ultrasound, which came back normal. He again had dark urine, and his Dr. said he had a bladder infection and perscribed cephalexin. He has finished it and still has back pain. His pain is above his tailbone, and ends about 6 vertebra up from that, and radiates across that whole section. I should mention that he has not been on any perscription pain meds for the last 6 weeks or so.
At this point he has an appointment to see a rheumatologist, and is scheduled to see a psycologist to help his depression, and because they now believe it is psychological. I don't know what to think anymore. We just want an answer and a direction to go in. We are desparate. He is wasting away and spending the best years of his life in bed. Does anyone have a similar experience or an idea of what direction to go in?? Someone help!

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