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Mri help please
Feb 21, 2012
Hello I have some questions about my mri . Here is how it reads

clinical impression: back pain, spondylysis(this is how they spelled it) I believe it is meant to be spondylolysis. moderate L5 nerve root entrapment. when i went to the hospital they were only concerned about my lower back because i was having bladder/bowel issues but they ignored my complaints about my upper back and neck pain , pain throughout my shoulders and down my legs mostly in my hamstring & buttock area and calfs. I loose feeling in my hands and feet like they are going to sleep. the pain didn't stop it has gotten worse so i went to a regular medical doctor and they x-rayed my upper back and this is what it said ,
There is normal anatomic alignment and normal cervical vertebral body height.
Moderate degenerative change noted at the c6-c7 level with disc space narrowing and prominent anterior osteophytes.
Impression: Moderate degenerative change at c6-c7 level.
I am not sure what all this means as I have had lower back issues for years but nothing like it is now the pain is constant and its been a month since the pain from my neck down to my lower back including the sharp shooting pains up and down my legs and upper back and some times my arms has been to the point to were i can't move around much at all . I was hoping with time this would stop but it seems to only get worse. I have been practically immobile for 1.5 mths now . They referred me to a neurosurgeon and a pain management doctor and put me on several prescriptions , prednisone,hydrocodone,meloxicam,neuron tin,robaxin .
I don't have insurance and it will be at least six months until the neurosurgeon can see me . I guess I'm trying to ask if anyone can help me understand whats going on and should i expect this pain to continue as even with the meds it is still pretty strong . They didn't spend much time to tell me about these issues both hospital and doctor are state funded and i guess there to busy or don't care I'm not sure. I can't see a pain doctor I'm broke , I'm left to wonder what to do. Im sorry if this doesn't make much sense but I'm hurting and trying to type this is painful . Any advise would be great or a better understanding of the mri, and x-ray . Thanks so much for your time .

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