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A great doctor is the most important choice you can make. Keep a grabber with you at all times after surgery it will make life easier on you, no bending over. It took me 6 weeks before I could go back to work but I felt the pain relief the day after surgery, when I got up to walk the first time after surgery. I noticed it right away, the pain down the leg was gone I almost cried I was so happy.
It is always extremely disappointing when the leg has the same pain after surgery as it did before, but do not let this discourage you. Sometimes the nerve pain is worse for a time post surgery, depending on how much the surgeon had to tug on it to free it up. It can take awhile for the nerve to calm. I developed horrendous pain on the front of my thigh after one surgery and no pain med would touch it. The only thing that provided any relief whatsoever was ice -- and I rotated the ice OFF my leg just long enough so I don't freeze the skin. I was still in hospital and the nurses were kept busy keeping my ice pack full. Don't forget about using ice. We tend to rely on pain medications and forget about ice, but it can be a great pain reliever.

Are you walking?? And, resting?? Just try to focus on how much better you'll be feeling by this summer, and what all you'll be able to do then. ;)
At the risk of boring everyone by my repititious comments, you are VERY early in your recovery. I hate to say this but you may have leg pain for months still and end up with excellent results from the surgery.

Here is a post from Alida from a couple days ago just to remind you.

"Both of my legs hurt terribly after surgery too.,..also did not need fusion. I had surgery in Dec. And still have some pain but getting better every day. Neurontin has helped.a great deal. Be patient and try to take short walks!"

Not, this was 3 months after her surgery that she indicates she still has some leg pain.

I cannot say if it is more or less common to have continuing leg pain after discectomy, but it is certainly normal. I know the surgeons don't tell you this...but from reading boards like this since around 2004, I can assure you it is common.

Today is March 9th. Your surgery was on March 5th. Please relax and don't waste your energy on worrying. It is not productive. A positive attitude is an important component to healing.

Regardless of your pain, remember to take small walks often...every time you get up to get a drink or go to the bathroom, walk around, even if it is just pacing back and forth in the hallway. The one thing you want to avoid is having scar tissue attach to a a little movement every hour or so is good to do. You don't have to go far or fast...100 steps is enough to stir things up.

OK -- I have to get going and will check back later. Have a good morning!

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