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Hello all....
Just happened to find this site, in searching for an answer for what happened.

Long story short... I have dealt with back pain for nearly 20 years now. My Dx has been, from what I remember, DDD with internal disc derangement at L4-L5 and lesser a L5-S1...

Current meds are Valium 3-4 a day, and Suboxone 2mg tablets, up to 10 a day. Got off the narcotics a few years ago, due to overuse, and abuse on my part. (was going through a month of meds in 2 weeks, then one day they refused to refill meds. Got to "experience" withdrawal symptoms for an entire weekend... yippee.. wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but now happy with suboxone, and doing better)

So, last weekend, I had the worse back pain I've had, since I can remember.. Woke up Sunday morning, and literally could barely walk to bathroom... (never had this happen before)... Later in day called my Pain management doc, who told me to come in the next day for a shot.

Found out on Monday, he was doing a Transforaminal ESI. I've had epidurals in the past, and always did well for awhile... anywhere from a few weeks, to a few months.... He does them under flourascopy and I do not use sedation. Well, when he started to inject the medicine, what I normally feel, is some pressure, than it is over. No biggy. This time it hurts VERY MUCH... Could feel pain all the way down my right leg. He finished the procedure, and I was feeling better. little sore, but nothing worse than what I've had before. he told me it hurt so bad because the nerve root was so inflamed, he ended up hitting the nerve. So, I make it thought the day, take it fairly easy... then the next day.... yikes!

So, Tuesday comes, I cannot walk to the bathroom without SEVERE pain in my right hip, all the way down my right leg. I found I had to bend over a bit, and support my weight to be comfortable. Walking around the house was a new form of torture... I've never had back pain this bad, EVER, not after any of the procedures I've had... (IDET, disc decompression, or ESIs)
Call doc, he says it is normal... I lay around the house with a bag of ice, getting very little relief. Taking Aleve and Mortrin like the were candy, along with my valium and suboxone. But, I figure, maybe the nerve was just that inflamed...

Wednesday comes around, still in the same amount of pain. I put up with it till about 11am, when I called my doc, to let him know how much pain I was really in... Let him know I literally could not walk across my house. I get a call back saying he's called in a script for neurontin, which seems to make sense, since I perceived this as nerve pain. Took my first dose at 3pm.. By 4pm I was already feeling better. The biggest problem still having numbness in my right leg... My big toe was completely numb.

I woke up today, and my pain is nearly gone... Except for being numb in right leg still..... At this time, as I write this... I have some mild discomfort in my right hip, numbness along right side of calf, and foot, mostly big toe still numb.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I starting to get worried this will be permanent. Tonight is bowling night.. My only night out of the house (I'm a stay at home dad, 4 kids 10 and under), so I very much look forward to bowling... But, right now, I don't think I could bowl, even if I wanted to... My right leg just feels so weird, I worry about tripping. I also worry about making things worse, if I try... although, I bowl right handed, so I slide on my left side, which doesn't hurt at all....

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated... especially if it gets me bowling tonight... I was thinking of trying a heating pad today,since part of this now feels like tight muscles... But, don't want to risk getting the nerve inflamed more.

I should also mention one other thing... the back pain I was having prior to the injection, is gone.. I am only left with the weird right sided leg numbness.

Sorry this is so long... I tend to ramble...


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