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I have used Healthboards to read about others problems and now is my turn for help... I need feedback on if I should ask my work about SSD for my back and fibro problems.

history of problems- I was in a BAD car accident when i was 16 (43 now) and have always had back problems. In my younger days I was very active with hiking, camping and even had an antique furniture business at one point. Now I can barely move!

in the past year I have exponetionally gone downhill and was diagnosed with fibro and back issues. my PCP retired and he gave me vicodin 5/500 for years to help with pain but then the practice suggested I see someone for pain management. I went to a neurologist who was more concerned with me doing a sleep study (which I had previously done) b/c he had just started one. He was not concerned about my back and suggested after I asked him about long acting meds to see a pain management center.

Im not stupid and understand that 6-8 vicodin a day is bad for me but that is all i knew and was desperate for help so I went to a pain center. like most on here the 1st appt was horrible and they made me feel like a criminal. I left crying and ended up writing a letter dismissing myself from care along with the rx's they gave me. (vicodin 1 every 6-8 hrs, lyrica 1 day) I swore I could do it on my own! well 4 days without pain medicine and trying the free 7day trial of lyrica (horrible drug) I caved and asked the pain dr to help.

I started a daily diary and my second appt with her was much better. she had ordered xrays of low back and knees which showed hypertrophic spurring in the lower thoracic and L1-L2 with disc narrowing. on the second appt she did an exam and actually said "oh wow" while palpating my back. we talked about long acting meds and I decided to try Nucynta ER 100mg 2x day with vicodin if needed and zanaflex 4mg 3xday.

I have been on the Nucynta ER for the 10 day trial and have had no relief. so i am tapering my self off of that but I don't see the dr again for a couple of weeks.

I had xrays of my cervical spine and SI and hips taken last week- I can see from the CD they gave me how messed up my spine is!

I have routinely missed work b/c of headaches and this past week b/c of severe back pain. I tried to go in Friday but was crying in pain by Noon and came home. I cant go with out pay and have no sicktime to use. It seems I have a dr appointment or procedure or sick day every week to ask off for and I know they are getting sick of me asking.

since I began working my job in 2009 I have had cervical cancer, diagnosed with fibro and now debilitating back problems. what should I do? I was thinking that using SSD would help me get on track and i could deal with all my medical issues without stressing on the pay. My husband is supportive of anything I decided but worries about money.

I have DDD whole spine, bulging discs, narrowing, spurs, lordosis, spondylosis, sciatica, arthritis in knees, bursitis in hip, and a miriage of Fibro problems.

this was the condensed version- thanks for reading!

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