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Thank you for the input. I do want feedback, good, bad, neutral. I know any back surgery can go so many different ways. My leg strength and balance is compromised.

But the 24/7 burn is the thing I find most deblitating.

One thing I have found out, when you mention back surgery to people, they all have a story. Not there story, but others horror stories.

I am hoping to get all kinds of experiences from people who have actually had this procedure.
There are a couple current posts from people who have recently had a microdiscectomy, and one just got out of the hospital today. Also you can read through older posts to see people's experiences.

I've had three lumbar surgeries, but never a discectomy so can't comment on that procedure alone. Most people do very well, aren't laid up all that long and are pleased they had it down.

My husband ruptured a disc many years ago and let it heal without surgical intervention. The first six weeks were pretty rough, but he was able to avoid surgery and hasn't needed it since. He does his back exercises that he learned in PT faithfully, every single morning, and it has been almost 20 years! (In the meantime, I've had 3 lumbar surgeries and am very hit or miss in my exercise routine.)

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