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I am new to the forum, but recently I have been suffering from back and leg pain for a month and I am seriously worried about it. I went to see the doctor and he recommended me physical therapy, but I don't see sign of improvement...I actually feel it is developing... Here is how things happen: (as brief as I can)

Background: 23 years old, no accident, was perfectly healthy until...

[COLOR="Blue"][Start] Went to gym, tried some waist/leg exercises I didn't do before, felt exhausted.

[+1 days] Started to feel pain and sting on right outer thigh, especially when walking.

[+4 days] Went to see doctor. Leg raise positive. Reflexes and muscle strength normal. Naproxen proscribed.

[+5 days] Started to feel pain on right calf, and the area behind the knee.

[+6 days] Started to feel stiff back.

[+8 days] In rare cases sting and pain on left leg.

[+12 days] Obvious pain on spine (lumbar area) when bending forward. Lower back pain started. Pain on hip and the right front thigh.

[+15 days] X-rayed. Perfect spine, according to the doctor.

[+20 days] Physical therapist gave me some exercises to do at home and told me to avoid bending.

[+25 days] Good news: No leg pain and sting for most of the time.

[+30 days] Developed CONSTANT SORENESS ON THIGH, CALF, KNEE AND EVEN ANKLE OF BOTH LEGS. Also, stiff back remains. I can't bend forward because it causes pain in the back. Piriformis very tight, according to therapist.

I honestly don't know if I am getting better or worse. The good side is that I no longer feel obvious pain and sting, I just have soreness now. But the bad side is the symptom seems to spread, from right outer thigh, to the whole right leg, back, hip, left thigh, left calf, and finally both legs.

Should I be worried about this? I am a student and I am seeing doctors of the university health services. They didn't find the exact cause but they said it is usually not a big deal for young people. But for me I don't believe it could take so long to recover. It is now more of a mental burden to me... My father even scared me over the telephone: "I hope it's not bone cancer!" :eek:

Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I guess I should post my update here:

Thanks all for your help!

Update since my last post:

I had an MRI a week ago. The report indicates that I have 3 mild diffuse bulged discs, mild facet antropathy, stenosis of the lateral reces, central canal stenosis, thickened ligamenta flava at L2-L3, L3-L4 and L4-L5. Looks like L1 is the only normal one.... The canal stenosis seems to be congenital, but other factors together contributed to a moderate to severe canal stenosis at L3-L4 level. Additionally, I have mild straightening of lumbar lordosis and Schmorl's Nodes on L3-L4 level.

I know it sounds terrible... I didn't realize I have so many abnormal/broken parts on my spine until the MRI... Feel depressed... A single gym visit couldn't account for this much...

The doctor referred me to the spine center of the university's medical center for further diagnosis. (I am in Michigan and I believe U-M medical hospital is a good place to continue). I need to wait for nearly a month until the mid April for my first appointment... I will definitely request more tests and try to find the real causes of my symptons.

The symptoms basically remain the same.

That's all. Thank you for your help and I will continue posting updates. If you have any other suggestions please tell me!

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