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I have had low back pain now for over 3 years. I first noticed my low back muscles on my right side hurting after a long drive or playing hockey. I would experience the pain for about 3 days and then it would subside. This went on for approximately 3 years. I originally thought I had a deep muscle tear or a soft tissue injury that kept re tearing but after speaking to my doctor and chiropractor they told me that if that was the case it would have healed by now.

The past 6 months the pain has been constant and will hurt in different places at different times. The pain at times is directly coming from my lower middle spine right underneath the tail bone but will then some times switch into the lower right side muscle tissue area above the buttocks. When this pain subsides it goes back to the low middle spine area. Most of the time I feel a burning or irritating feeling that is constant. I have quit playing hockey or doing anything pysical in hopes that it would eventually heal its self but it has not and keeps getting worse. I have no problem walking or bending or touching my toes, I have no pian down my leg. I have gone for a bone scan and a cat scan and I am currentlly waiting for the results but from reading the threads im guessing there not going to find much on the x rays and scans. Has anyone else experienced this amd if so is there ny recomendations I can try. I love sports and want to get back to doing them but I cant with what is going on in my back. I have tied being active and building up my core and back strength, which did not work at all either. It is so frustrating cause the rest of my back is fine and the movements is fine, Its all coming from my lowest part of my spine and tissue. Any thoughts or remedies would be helpful

Thanks Jesse

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