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Hi, all- I just joined and I would like to thank you in advance for your input. I am a healthy 39-year-old female. My story starts back in September of 2011. I went in to see my primary physician due to lower back pain which also radiated around my hip and down my left buttock and leg. I also had spasms in my left buttock. She requested I get an x-ray which showed I had narrowing between the L5/S1 disc. I was referred to P/T and did that for almost three months. The pain become unbearable to where I couldn't drive or sit and so I was referred to a neurosurgeon who immediately requested an MRI. The MRI revealed I had a herniated disc. I had my first discectomy on 12/21/11. I was still in quite a bit of pain post-surgery and I went in for another MRI on 1/6/12. It revealed there was either fluid or blood at the site and so I went in for an aspiration on 1/12/12. The MRI also revealed there was some disc protrusion but not enough to classify as a reherniated disc. The gentleman who performed the procedure was not able to aspirate any fluid so he decided to administer an ESI. I followed up with my nerosurgeon the following week because the pain was steadily increasing. He recommended I have another discectomy which was scheduled for Monday, 1/30/12. The Friday prior to surgery #2 I went into the ER because the pain was excruciating. I could not sit, lay, stand, anything. They admitted me to keep the pain under control throughout the weekend. The PA came to the hospital to see me on Saturday and requested another MRI. It revealed a massive reherniation and they rushed me into surgery the next day. The neuro doc said it was the largest herniated disc he had ever seen. Since then I have been on two rounds of methylprednisolone and I am still in pain. I still have spasms and nerve pain. Worth noting, I have a desk job where I sit all day and I've been working from home on my laptop most of this last week so I can lay down. I had MRI #3 last week and the doctor said there was nothing he could do surgically to help. The pain is getting worse, I'm still on narcotics, and he prescribed Neurontin, which I'm hesitant to take. Having said that, I have an ESI scheduled for next Wednesday. Should I wait and see how that goes before starting this new drug? The doctor said he would probably keep me on it for 3 months. I have read it has some unfavorable side effects and I really don't want to add another pill to my arsenal. Will this nerve pain ever go away?!?!! Does anyone have feedback on Neurontin? I feel like I'm locked in on this for life even though it's only been a few months. Help!

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