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I have been dealing with middle back pain for over a year it hurts right on the spine and it is there all the time I have been to multiple doctors, the last one suggested Steroid Epidural Injections because she didnít know what else to do and she didnít think that my pain was coming from the bulging disk in my middle back, so I figured we will give it a try. Well the doc doing the injection couldnít get it to go in the spot he wanted it to so he had to try 3 different spots to finally get it to go in. I will never have that done again plus it didnít help. About a week later I started getting numbing in my left had and left foot then it started to move down my arm and up my leg so my husband took me to ER they did a catscan and said everything looks ok but to see a Neurologist. By the next day I had numbing in both hands and feet up to my knees. I called the doc that gave me the injection to see if that injection maybe caused it so he ran another full back MRI to double check for blood clots nothing was found and they said the MRI didnít change from the one 6 months ago. So went to Neurologist appointment doctor said my refluxes and everything look good she was going to run a bunch of blood work. That came back saying my Vit D is low along with my B12. She thinks thatís what is causing my pain. Tried vitamins for 2 months (numbness went away not the back pain) we decided to try Gabapentin that didnít help and I started getting bad headaches, so she switched me to Lyrica which was going ok but then I had a new problem I had burning pain in my right shoulder between my shoulder blade and neck at times it spreads down my shoulder but it usually stays on top and to the back it is constant I never have relief. I tried Icy/Hot that was the worst idea that hurt so bad I had to jump in the shower to get it off me. This burning pain has now gone on for at least 2 months. I listed below details of my MRI I am just at my wits end and sick of being in pain I have a 3 year old at home and I canít do the things I should be doing with her :(. Even my chiropractor said he canít believe they are telling me my bulge isnít causing my pain:confused:. Sorry for the novel just wanted to make sure I got everything in.
[U][B]6/1/11 MRI[/B][/U]
At level T6-T7 there is disc desiccation. There is a small focal left paracentral disc protrusion. It is causing a compressive effect on the thecal sac, and is slightly touching the cord. Signals in the cord appear normal.

At level T7-T8 there is a mild desiccation

[U][B]1/4/12 MRI[/B][/U]
At T6-T7 there is a disc desiccation. There is a moderate posterior and left paracentral dis herniation. This attenuates the anterior subarachnoid space and results in mass effect and flattening of the anterior and left thoracic cord. Posterior suarachnoid space is well maintained

At C5-6 there is a minimal broad-based posterior and circumferential disk bulge. This only partially attenuates the anterior subarachonoid space and results in no mass effect upon the cervical cord.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story I would appreciate any help or input.

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