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Hey guys,

Two weeks ago, I started having cramping pain in my legs and buttocks. I've tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing works. Stretches, meds, heating pad, walking....

The pain most often is in the back of my upper thigh extending into my buttocks. It's a cramping sensation like someone is pressing on my muscles. I have experienced some low back pain as well, but it does not occur as frequent as the cramping. I've had some periods of complete relief, but it comes back especially in the morning. I remember trying to wax my car and the pain was unbearable when I tried to bend down.

Last week, I noticed the sensation added a new layer. Hot burning sensation, almost like someone had ripped the skin off the back of my thighs. Oddly enough, I recorded in my journal that I had very similiar symptoms a year ago and ran to the doctor out of fear that I had a blot clot in my leg. They did an ultrasound which came back good so I don't think it's a blood flow issue. Does this sound like the sciatic nerve is being irritated?

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