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I have 6 screws, two per vertabrae, 4 titanium rods and 2 plasic type spacers. Most of my pain before surgery was in my back, left hip and leg with numbness, tingling burning ugh pain. For 6wks after surgery my left leg stuff was gone almost and I had mainly surgical pain. I awoke from surgery with right leg pain, sciatic pain and hip pain. That was starting to get better until I returned to work. I only returned to 12hrs a wk for almost a month and am not working 16 and next month April, Im working 24. The grinding/popping is between my upper si joint and spine, though it feels more in my spine on the right side. It only occurs with slight shifting of my pelvis like when I am taking a pts BP or standing still. Yes it most increases my pain and since it started happening on and off almost 2 wks ago my pain has steadily increased. Im at the point where I am crying almost everyday due to it. I have pain going down the inside and back of my right leg all the way to ankle with "inside numbness" (like when u get novacaine and u can feel ur cheek but its numb too) and burning pain. I also have pain in my hip joint and sciatic in the right leg with tingle in my rt foot. I have burning across both hips at waist band area. I did have problems with my piriformis for wks after surgery in both sides but I have gotten them stretched pretty well. This is different than that. I have manipulation done also and just about every 3 wks my legs are between a 1/2" to 1in off in length. My pelvis definitelt doesnt want to stay in alignment. I just went today and had 3 injections into my rt SI joint at pain mangement and he is going to send me for another MRI or CT scan as he is concerned something might be off.

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