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This past 7/8 months or so, I've been experiencing some problems...

It began with my stomach constantly churning and feeling weak. Within a few weeks I began to exerience tingling/pain in my fingers and thumbs on both hands, followed quickly by tingling up and down my back. Then I started to experience weakness in my calves. Sometimes the weakness would be very draining, like I had very little energy. I also had pain in the middle of my chest and in my arms.

After a few weeks (the above symptoms continuing), I had burning down the back of both legs, in my feet, buttocks, with a intense pressure in my calves. I then started to feel hot all over, burning all over from head to toe. I had checked my BP during this time. Sometimes it was a bit high, but not dangerously so. The burning/feeling hot lasted a few days but has since eased. Throughout these symptoms, I had allsorts of blood tests done with my doctor, all which was normal. I also had some acupuncture sessions which helped to ease these symptoms a little.

Nowadays, I still get a little pain in my digits and arms, and a little tingling up and down my back. The weakness in my legs, buttocks and lower back still persists. The pain in the my chest persists, mainly near where the chest and arms meet (both sides), but I also experience the pain in the middle and around my ribcage. From time to time, I also experience pain in my palms and soles of feet, and feeling hot in arms, legs, back etc.

I have acupuncture sessions every few weeks. I have exercises and stretches to do at home, recommended by my physio/acupuncturist. These help for a while but eventually return. I have been assured by my doctor and physio that it's nothing serious, but the longer I continue to have these symptoms, the more I think there is something wrong. I had an MRI scan done, which was normal. I have had problems before with my back/RSI, and have suffered with back pain for a few years, but I managed it ok with my lifestyle/exercise etc.

I'm average build, try to eat a balanced diet. Before these symptoms started, I was going to the gym once a week on average, swimming once or twice a week and walking a few miles a week. These days, I go for walks mainly and have a gentle swim when feeling up to it.

It's frustrating as these symptoms dont seem to want to go away, and I don't seem to be making much progress. I don't know what to do or who to see next. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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