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I have been experiencing an uncomfortable pinching feeling in upper back/neck area for the last few months. I have experienced high blood pressure and anxiety attacks also, but it has been awhile since these symptoms have resurfaced.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly where the pinching is. Sometimes it feels like it is in my deep in my upper back, right in the center where my spine is. Other times i feel it in my neck and my throat even. It can even be hard to swallow at times. I also think its in my chest at times.

I went to the ER a couple of weeks ago thinking that I was having chest pains. They ran chest X-ray, blood test, EKG and everything was normal. They said I had chest wall inflamation and gave me some painkillers. Well, the pain has gotten worse and now the pills don't help at all. Does anybody know what is going on?

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