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Today I had a Cortisone injection in L-2 and L-4.

The one in L-2 was normal. Bee sting to numb where the Cortisone Injection was being put in . It was a little uncomfortable but not painful.

The Cortisone injection in L-4 was the injection from HELL> Imediate excrusiating horrible pain starting in buttock going down the front of thigh all the way through the calf of leg into the toes- Seemed like forever but was probably minute or so. My Doc was not expecting that kind of pain and neither was I. I hollered and called Oh God Oh God Oh God over and over. I squeezed that table hard. My leg automatically raised because of the pain. My Doc felt so sorry for me. He worked as fast as he could to put in numbing medicine to kill the pain. After a little the pain subsided and I can tell you I was one relieved lady. My leg was pretty numb so I had to be helped out with wheel chair to van. If this injection helps my pain I will receive a second one in two weeks. This time I will be knocked out for the procedure. I know this was out of the ordinary. I have had other injections with no problems, so I will get the second if the first one helps.

I had surgery in January of 2012 on the L-4 and we are thinking there is alot of inflamation in the disc area that caused it to be so painful. It definitely was a Hot Spot.

Has anyone else ever went through a similiar situation?

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