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Re: Feeling Better.
Apr 24, 2012
So, so glad that you are feeling better! I looked really awesome in my mid-30s with a walker (mind you, not the cool kind with wheels but the kind with straight feet, like the one my 92-year-old grandmother used after breaking her femur), so you are in a pretty fancy club. Young and needing an assistive device. At some point, you might consider a walking stick, if that suits your style better.

Try not to judge the folks with the placards who "look fine". They may have a condition that prevents them from walking long distances, like COPD. Or, like me, they may be trying to walk correctly, but are never sure when their thrice-operated hip is going to buckle. I catch people giving me puzzling/dirty looks all the time, but I know I'm doing the right thing for my health.

Changing up your position: standing to sitting to walking around the house to lying down for a rest, will help keep your pain down and keep your muscles active without them getting overstressed. As you feel better, you might want to ask for physical therapy for strengthening, proper body mechanics, and appropriate stretching. If you can function without the meds, Bravo!

If you recover fully without major intervention, keep in mind that you have an underlying weakness in that disc which will require that you avoid certain activities (maybe forever). These range from the obvious (roller coasters, horseback riding, waverunners) to the less obvious (bending, vacuuming, wearing cheaply made shoes). You might want to get fitted for orthotics, too, as these can help with leg/hip/back alignment.

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