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There is a possibility of nerve damage but it could just be from the length of non use or the severity of compression damage. Its a common misconception that once nerves are damaged, they don't repair themselves. According to my neurosurgeon, they can take a year or longer to heal, although it may never recover fully, it will heal to some degree. Wait it out and go through all channels of rehabilitation before jumping to any conclusions. I know first hand that once you are past the age of 30, it takes significantly longer to heal after these problems are corrected. Hang in there, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

The loss of muscle strength from lack of movement is not the same as muscle weakness. The type of weakness it sounds like you are describing is caused by a problem with the nerve signal not reaching the brain.

Each spinal segment contains both motor and sensory nerves. Muscle weakness is the most common symptom of motor nerve damage.

I would suggest you return to your surgeon and ask him what is causing this weakness to continue and worsen post surgery. It might be too early in recovery for it to be better, but if the surgeon decompressed the right nerve, the weakness should not be getting worse. I'm sure it is possible that something else may be causing the weakness, but I can't say what that might be. But I don't think you should wait any longer.

The surgeon can order an EMG/nerve conduction study to learn about the damage. With nerve compression, the sooner it can be treated, the greater the chance for I wouldn't wait much longer to bring this up. Be insistent if need be.

This is not what one would consider a customary symptom post surgery. Usually when something worsens post surgery, it is not a good sign and it is worth investigating.

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