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Chronic back pain
May 7, 2012
I am 36 y.o female. Approx 11 months ago I injured my back at work pushing a cart. I think was combo of repetitive strain and then something just gave or tore. I was diagnosed with mid-back sprain based on my symptoms. An xray showed "some calcification of intertvertebral ligament in mid- back with no significant abnormalities"

I have gone through extensive physiotherapy which made my pain way worse. My physio clinic was terrible and very pushy. As soon as i
Stopped seeing them things relaxed in my back, i did some massage therapy and some chiropractic with some relief.

My symptoms are mostly on the right side of my back which starts at the spine level probably where thoracic meets lumbar. From this point the pain radiates out to the right and increases witj activiry. If i dont rest it gets more and more severe eventually making the left side hurt. The muscles just tense up so badly and feels like it pulls on spine making my spine throb. Any kind of jerking movement sends the muscles into spasm that shoots across the base of the ribs. All this time i was refused an mri.

I finally just demanded and had an MRI that I paid for at a private clinic. I got a CD of the images and am waiting for the report which I should have in a couple days. I however loomed at the images and googled what the images should look like for comparison. Of course I am not qualified to read them but have a couple questions.

I have no nerve related symptoms and see no bulges from the discs. The spinal cord and surrounding fluid look normal to me. What i do see is that one of my discs which is in the area I have pain is completely black and dehydrated looking. The vertebra in this area looks a little generated, like the surfaces seem worn wavy looking compared to other areas. So i am thinking this is some degeneration. The disc heights look fine to me though.

First question: can this dehydrated disc and bits of degeneration be responsible for all the pain I am having?

There is one image that shows my whole back as if you skinned my back and looking down. Looming down left side of spine it looks nice and straight but down the right side the spinal colum looks widened out at mid back to the

I know i just have to wait for report but i cant believe that a sprain injury is taking this long. I just am not getting better and am in agony everytime I go to work. I might have to leave my job.

My last question is can a sprain cause the degeneration I am seeong 11 months post injury or does that take years to develop.

Thanks for any input you have. Appologize for any spelling errors as typing ob my phone.

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