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Oh yes...I remember you saying that earlier. Sorry I am a bit distracted lately.

I think it is good that someone else will be doing the procedures. I never thought it made a difference, but realized that it can!

I think the spondylosis with myelopathy must be at the T11 because they don't usually talk about myelopathy in the lumbar region.

I think I told you that all through my problems, I kept asking about my L3 level and everyone kept telling me it was "OK" (slightly bulging, but not a problem). On my third surgery, it finally was investigated and guess what? It turned out to be very damaged. The facet joints were completely worn down to little nubs and it had not shown up on any testing or imaging. My surgeon was really surprised and ended up having to reconstruct the area...and it resolved what had been thought was my nerve pain coming from L5-S1.

Maybe something similar will be the case with you, too. In any case, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the ESI will help.

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