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Oh no! I'm sprry your surgery recovery seems to not be going well. I'd read plenty of similar stories on here from others who had your experience- no relief of symptoms, and even getting worse.

My advice? Don't worry about the house being a mess!!! Hurting yourself over a little dust and grime is NOT worth it. If you can't do it without pain, it can wait! Or call a friend over to help you out for an afternoon (company is good, too, and can do more for the spirits than anything else.) I totally hear you about having to return to work- we aren't all fortunate enough to be able to take weeks and weeks of time off to recover. Just make sure that your boss knows that you're on light duty- and get a doctors order statement to that effect.

I'm now two days post-L-5 microdiscectomy, and fortunately, I had massive immediate improvement in pain and symptoms from the time they put me out to the time I woke up in recovery. There's no more burning pain in my foot, shin or calf at all! I guess I'm a success story, but I know that sometimes it can take months for all the nerves to 'readjust' after surgery. Be patient awhile longer, and if you still aren't seeing any improvement, and your doctor is still blowing you off, then get a second opinion! Your surgeon should be your advocate through this.

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