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I am 6 weeks post op from a fusion of L4/5 and L5/S1 and have severe insomnia, I'm about at my breaking point. I recently had been going through some withdrawal from the hydrocodone, but those symtpoms have pretty much gone away now. I take vicodin if needed, which is once a day maybe. I can sleep some during the day sometimes but I am incapable of getting to sleep at night, and will be up until around 8am before I doze off for about an hour. I'm not having much pain at all now and don't have a problem getting comfortable. I do get restless legs often which I attributed to the withdrawal. I have tried every over the counter sleeping aid and have no relief. Wondering if anyone else is having or has had this problem this far out from surgery. Help please!
Many people find themselves with a low vitamin D levels after back surgery.

I found that I did much better operating on a 24 hour cycle. I couldn't sleep for more than about 4 hours max, so I would sleep, then stay up awhile, walk around the first floor of the house, read, have a snack, and eventually I would feel like a nap...I had moved a twin bed into the den prior to surgery, so I wasn't disturbing anyway during the night time hours. Also, I found if I tried to stay in bed more than 4 hours at a time, I would get very stiff. Eventually as the weeks went by, my schedule gradually returned to normal.

It takes awhile after general anesthetic for the hormones to return to normal and for the body to settle down. You should be nearing that point very soon.
Although I'm a "Spiney" my sleep problems began shortly after my husband passed away. I was on Lunesta for a few years, but one month I ran out (I was getting it through my insurance mail-order co.) over the weekend. I paniced!

So I went to Drug Emporium (any health food store would work) and the clerk there told me to try a combination of melatonin (1 mg.) and L-Tryptophan (500 mg.) He said to take one each about an hour before I'm ready to go to sleep and it would relax me. Then 45 min. or an hour later, again take one each. For me, they work wonderfully, much better than Lunesta, and I'm happy not to be on that medication any more.

My daughter was also taking a sleep prescription, tried this and it worked for her, but now she only has to take the melatonin. You can get the melatonin at Walmart much cheaper but they don't have the L-Tryptophan here where I live.

Hope it works for you if you decide to try it.

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