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Being preped for the colonoscopy was due to VERY POOR communication and an inability to follow procedure! And yes they do the colonoscopies next door to the room they do the ESI...go figure:/

As for having a the ESI using a fluoroscopy...I dont think so...he actually hit the bone twice. This was NOT done by my specialist. There was no other equiptment in the room so I dont see how he used a fluoroscopy. Prior to having it done I had done alot of research on it and I remember most sites saying the procedure was done with a ultrsound sought of thing to guide the doctor to where he had to go...this is NOT what happened. There was no other equiptment in the room. Just him, his nurse and a tray with needles. He did say that the reason for feeling so much and for it being such a tragic episode was due to the nerves being so rattled because of the herniation.

As for the actual discectomy... Only 2 parts of the disc were taken. My surgeon had brought them in to show me in recovery. Apparently they dont always remove the whole thing, he only removed the part that was pressing on the nerve. It was a large herniation though.

I had a huge ammount of siatica pain that dissapeared after the discectomy. Unfortunately, It had only made my actual back pain much worst. Or maybe I just hadnt realised before how bad it was due to the siatica...I dont really know.

I was on a rather large cocktail of drugs before the surgery, some of which included 8 Endone a day, but I am only on Tramadol now 150mg 2 x 3 times a day. The withdrawl form the Endone was horrific as well:( My specialist had said, in a report to my GP, that my ability to come off all the drugs I was was amazing. Which makes me feel good but I didnt come off the drugs because my pain level had diminished. I came off them for my kids. I could barely function on them and was not capable of being any sought of mother while using them.

So... I survive with the tremadol...barely. The recent new pains in both legs is not making it easy at all and I am scared that I wont have a choice but to go to stronger drugs if it gets any worst.

As it is a workcover issue, having the ESI this time is more about Workcover not approving any other procedure. They approved the Discectomy and first round of ESIs but now wont even approve seeing a pain specialist! Which doesnt make any sense to me as I would have thought seeing him would be a hell of a lot cheaper then the round of ESIs Unfortunately, my specialist seems to think that I may need a fusion. So basically, we are doing this round of ESI to prolong that for as long as possible as he is not willing to do it inside of 12 months of my last op.

I guess Im just really at the point where I just want my life back and to not have to feel pain 24/7. It has become beyond depressing now.

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