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I know the back pain problem. Did your doctor send you for an xray? What is your family history with regards to osteoarthritis? Have you always been athletic? You could have pulled a muscle or ligament or you could have herniated a disc and less likely you may have fractured a vertebrae. You need an xray, these are relatively inexpensive when taking into account an MRI cost. Your doctor should have sent you for xrays and not made a diagnosis without it.
Pain on bending or extending your spine sounds more like a stress on the spine somewhere. Really the only way to make a sound diagnosis is with the xray- $100.00 as opposed to an MRI $1500.00 (more or less). Also a little PT (physical therapy) might help. They can give you a work up and make suggestion to the doctor as to the nature of the injury. They are often told to "assess (diagnose), ROM (range of motion). They will apply heat prior to any exercises and apply ice when the session is over, where needed.

It is important at this time to address this back problem. I have what now is called "primary generalized osteo arthritis". This is arthritis that is genetic (dominant recessive genes) means that it must be present on both sides of the family, strikes young, bilateral in nature so both my knees are involved, both hands, both elbows, both ankles, both feet and my entire spine. I have had chronic carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve problems and have had surgery for both and both right and left sides. I have had 3 back surgeries the first two were just "decompressions" where they go in and make room in the spinal area for swelling. My third back surgery was for a lumbar spinal fusion. Out of 7 siblings so far only one sister and one brother have the same. They have decided that this form is evident in the late 20's early 30's.
When I do anything that involves the back I am in pain, making a bed is torture by the time I get done with my bed I am almost on my knees thats how bad it hurts. I am at a dead end for treatment for this and rely on pain medications to get me through the day. This all started in 2006 and now I cannot work, I can barely take care of my home, vacuuming is another torture, I can barely get this done. I have gained 30 pounds and don't know how to get this weight off. I lose a few pounds and feel a little bit good and then something happens and back it comes. I have lost my independence. My daughter is my life saver, she takes me places to doctor appt's, shopping and so on. So often I cannot drive due to pain meds and my legs are un-reliable, ankles often in braces or my new brace which is a removable cast. It's hard.
Please, for your sake, get the xray done, know what you are dealing with early on and be persistent with doctors about proper treatment. I hope you are only dealing with a strain and it will work itself out. Let me know the outcome.

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