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Some quick history:

Back, Leg, Hip pain since 2008. Mild scoliosis that was only needed to be monitored as a child. In '08 my back went out did PT (Lumbar MRI was done) and had quick relief...unfortunately didn't finish PT. Back went out again in '09, had another lumbar MRI that didn't show many changes from '08. Did PT and injections and was great for 18 months. Back went out again in 2011, worse tingling in legs, etc and lumbar mri shows changes (herniations from l3-s1, severe thecal sac compression, etc) from previous 2 and had L4-L5 discectomy in July 2011.

Tingling improved but hip pain (since it started in January 2011, it starts like a knife at night at the iliac crest bone and radiated into burning in my thigh on the left side). Surgery relieved those symptoms for about 6 weeks. Unfortunately that was it, and still waking up every 2-3 hours in extreme pain.

Recently had a Thoracic MRI and it revealed the following:
At T1-T2, there is a small central disc herniation without cord compression.

At T2-T3, there are small bilateral disc herniations with mild cord compression.

At T3-4, there is mild disc bulging and medium-sized superimposed left-sided disc herniation result in mild to moderate cord compression

At T 4-T5, there is small to medium-sized left-sided disc herniation with mild cord compression.

At T5-T6, there is small to medium sized superiorly extruded left-sided disc herniation with moderate cord compression

At T6-T7, there is a large significantly superiorly and inferiorly extruded central disc herniation asymmetric to the left, resulting in moderate spinal cord compression.

At.T7:T8, there is a medium sized left sided disc herniation with mild to moderate spinal cord compression.

At T8-T9, there is medium-sized left and small right-sided disc herniations resulting in mild to moderate spinal cord compression.

At T9-T1 0, there is a small central and left-sided disc herniation with mild cord flattening.

At T1 0-T11, there is a small right foramina! disc herniation with mild foramina! narrowing and possible mild associated nerve root compression. Left-sided perineural cyst is present.

No other significant bulging or herniated discs are identified. The remaining neural foramina are patent. There is no definite spinal cord signal abnormality in the spinal cord is normal in size. The osseous structures are intact. There are no masses. Mild to moderate disc space narrowing is present in multiple levels in the midthoracic spine with decreased disc signal on T2 weighted images due to disc degeneration and Schmorl's nodes.[/B][/INDENT]

Could nerves from the thoracic spine cause top hip (iliac crest) pain?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks![/QUOTE]
Hi friend,
Just wondering how you are doing with your thoracic problems. I also have a whack load of herniations. Cervical has been totally fused, thoracic has about 5 some with cord compressions. Look forward to seeing if you found anything out there to help you. I am desperate!

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