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i had a mri done for my back and it does nt make any sense to me amd i ct get my dr to tell me what is going on i gt sent to pain management and surgeons but sill have nt heard anything. my results say the impression:

1.prostarior right central extrusion type disc l5-s1 w right central caudrial migration of a moderate to larger amount of va extruded disc material to the right s1-2 foramen.the herniation measures up to 8-9 mm ap diameter by 18mm at its greatest width w compression and prostrior lateral displacement of right s1 nerve root from the level the disc to the right s1-2 formen.herniation also posteriorly displaces the right s2 nerve root by 1-2mm.

2.posterior central extrusion type disc herniation at l4-5 measuring 4mmap byb 10 mmin width accompanied by caudul central subligamentous migration of extruded disc material by 5mm.herniation compresess the thecal sac centrally adjacent to the l5 nerve rooits and clinical correiation regarding right and or left l5 radiculopathy is advised

3.mild to moderarte discogenic spondylosis l5-s1 w milder changes at l4-5

4.mild facet arthrpsis at l5-s1 level bilaterally..

What does this all mean

Thx Tif

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