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Hi All,

I previously posted my MRI results from 3/2011 for both my cervical and lumbar. I've also had to change Spine Centers due to not receiving treatment, just drugs every 29 days. The doctors at the new center are wonderful, recently sent me for the thoracic MRI (in 8 years no one has ever even mentioned this, even when I've had pain in that area). This MRI came back with 3 levels of bulges and a herniation at 1 one level.

I've been scheduled to see their surgeon in 3 weeks for the final determination as to treatment. The priliminary plan set is for epidural injections in the thoracic for the bulges, Lumbar Endoscopic Decompression and for the looks as though 3 level laminectomy.

Based on the March 2011 MRI's the Dr's diagnosis is:

Brachial radiculitis
radiculitis lumbar and thoracic
Displacement of cervical intervertebral disc w/o myelopathy
Displace of lumbar intervertebral w/o myelopathy
Cervical spondylosis w/o myelopathy
Spinal stenosis - cervical

My major concern and question tonight is...prior to my appointment with the surgeon, the Dr. wanted me to have an updated MRI on the Cervical and Lumbar. I had this done on Tuesday, picked up the report and films. I would like to know if I can call the center where I had them done and request someone else read the results?

I'm faily good at reading the films. When comparing the new MRI to the previous ones, the herniations have become larger, the narrowing is much greater and instead of being one sided as most areas were in 2011, two areas are now bi-lateral. Also, C2-3 in 2011 was completely normal, now this seems to be a new reading which really does not show up on the MRI as does the other levels???

[COLOR="Black"]THIS IS NEW MRI FINDINGS: Small midline posterior noncompressive disk herniation at C2-3. Multilevel degenerative disease with disc bulging at C4-6, C5-6, C6-7. Moderate right sided intervertebral neural foramina stenosis C3-4.

THIS IS MARCH 2011 FINDINGS: Multilevel spondylotic/degenerative disc changes with varying components of disc contour abnormalities, predominately disc bulges/focal bulges w/2 level disc herniations and bony spurring. Levels from C3-4 through C5-7 all are affected.[/COLOR]

I've made copies of the MRI's, they weren't films like the old ones this time so I was able to put them in the copier, they came out very good. If anyone would like to review them I would be happy to email them. I can't find a way to upload them here.

I really think someone else needs to read these films. Does anyone think I would get very far by requesting they re-read them?

Thanks so much for your help.


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