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I think most doctors now believe that nerves can and do heal, at least to some extent. The spinal cord ends around L1 and beyond that point, the spinal nerves bundle together to form the cauda equina. When a disc ruptures into this, it is a bit different than rupturing into the spinal cord itself. Nonetheless, nerves can and do become damaged and do not always heal or heal completely.

Also, depending on the nerve's injury, it can develop scar tissue which interferes with it making a "proper" connection and communicating correctly.

Do you know Lyrica is responsible for the change in your menstrual cycle or could it be the stress from the accident and your lingering injuries, and the surgery and anesthetic? You might try switching to neurontin to see if it makes any difference. Lyrica generally has fewer side effects than neurontin, but each person reacts differently. Some people also get relief from Cymbalta.

I would give it two more months and then try living without it (with your doctor's approval, of course). I remember taking Lyrica after my first fusion and wondering whether it was making any difference in my pain levels. All my pain was also in my legs, not in my back. I stopped taking it around six months. I discovered I had "new" pain in my feet, which was fairly mild, but it didn't make any difference in my leg pain, which remained just as intense as it had always I elected to stay off Lyrica.

I would not give up on your recovery just yet. It really takes a very long time to recover from spine surgery...and, I would think you had quite a bit of impact from the accident that your body is still healing from, too.

If you're not already doing so, you might want to take the B vitamins to help with nerve healing and you might want to explore whether something like acupuncture might help.

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