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Hey guys,
I have been training for most of my life and have never suffered a dreaded back injury until a few weeks ago I was deadlifting, where I felt a twinge in my lower back. Now it wasn't that sore, I carried on with my session and sort of forgot about it. When I got home I realized there was something wrong, every time I tried to touch my toes to stretch, I would get a real ache in my lower spine/spinal erector muscles. The next day and for about a week, I couldn't physically do it, I continuously iced my back and I reckon this was the only reason I was able to get out of bed the following day of the injury.

That was 3 weeks ago, it took about 10 days for the pain to subside but I would not as at any point, was the pain "severe" as I have heard many people describe theirs, just a dull ache. I could actually swim within 5 or 6 days of the injury and the only time it hurt swimming was turning at each end of the pool to continue swimming.

As of right now, I am basically pain free most of the time. However sometimes I wake up in the morning with an acheing lower back. Sadly, when I stretch to touch my toes, I get a slight pain in my lower spine/erector and as I touch my toes it disappears, as I raise my body back to the standing position I get the pain yet again. The pain is always more to the left side of my spine. and sometimes feels like its aching my left hip, but not right on the hip, deep down around my pelvis.

I sometimes feel the ache when I go to stand up after lying on the sofa for a while.

I am back in the gym squatting my bodyweight for 20 reps, now this doesn't mean I dont have an injury as pre injury I could squat double my bodyweight for reps with ease. I do not like to sit about with injurys, i perfer to get back in the gym and see if I can find an exercise which will keep my body strong but not irritate my injury, complete rest is not an option as I am a believer that sometimes it does more harm than good.

I am terribly worried I have damaged a disc in my back, I cannot get an xray or mri as I do not have health insurance and cannot afford it.

From what I have stated, what do you guys think?

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