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Re: Please help me!
Jun 29, 2012
I have had similar symptoms that you are describing and had a similar experience with doctors. I have been experiencing bad muscle cramps all over my body, shooting pain and weakness down my arms and legs, pins and needles pain tightness and pain around my shoulders throat and chest. I was having a really hard time with writing and typing of which I need to do daily for my job and I'm only 24. I went to my family doctor at least five times and she kept telling me it was "normal" for people to feel like this when they work behind a desk. She also gave me exercises which I performed religiously that only seemed to make the pain worse(my PT told me the other day these exercises were actually just aggravating the spasms. Then when it got severe to where i started having trouble working my hands and even felt off balance walking, she told me i was having an anxiety attack and prescribed me a strong anti depression medication instead (which I refused to fill). I was livid that she would even dare to suggest that. She even refused to get an xray or refer me to a specialist.

What type of doctor are you seeing? I would see an orthopedic surgeon. I looked up ratings on spine specialists in my area and found the most highly ranked one that took my insurance. When I went to see him the nurse walked in and noticed that my shoulders were different heights. Before the doc even came in I had an xray. Doctor looked at the xray tested my reflexes and did some other neurological tests and told me I had an abnormal curvature in my spine and ordered a rushed full spinal MRI just to make sure he didn't miss anything.

The next week my MRI results came back and he told me I had a condition called Scheuermann's disease (which just means that I had abnormal wedge shaped vertebrae) that was causing me to have 6 herniated discs 1 cervical in my neck and 5 thoracic in my back. He prescribed me some medications to get me through the day and is having me do physical therapy twice a week for two months. If this doesn't work he said we will try steroid injections.

If you haven't been having occasional back pain though since you were a kid or teenager, I doubt you have Scheuermann's. Although it can cause you to have mild scoliosis which would explain your shoulders being uneven like mine were. I think it's safe to say though that something is putting pressure on your spinal chord. You should definitely seek out a specialist and don't let doctors tell you it's anxiety. In my opinion, unless your seeing a psychiatrist, if a doctor tells you your pain is being caused by anxiety, it really means they don't know and don't want to take the time to find out. Hope it all works out for you I couldn't imagine being in that much pain and having three kids to deal with.

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