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Welcome to the board. That is a big surgery. Do you have scoliosis or were you in an accident? I hope you have consulted with a number of spine specialists to be certain that this is your only option.

Barring the development of nerve damage, I would think you'd be able to have sex after you have recovered from the surgery. You will find that your mobility is somewhat limited, and it will be difficult to participate in activities that involve twisting or bending side to side such as golf or tennis. You also will not be able to arch your back very much. You should be able to sit and drive, etc.

I think some of this depends on how flexible you were to begin with. I'm fused from L3 to S1 and I notice very little difference in my movement. You do have to be careful though because the adjacent discs will be at greater danger of degeneration once you have a big immovable block at the part of your spine that in the past has taken the brunt of all spinal movement. It puts that much more stress on the adjacent spinal this case your last thoracic vertebra and the SI joints. It is not unusual to develop SI joint pain or dysfunction after a long lumbar fusion.

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