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My pain started back in 1999. I had a dull ache in my back for a few weeks, which I ignored, but then I suddenly developed sharp pain in my forearms, along with numb fingers and slight weakness. That bout subsided, but it kept coming and going. Neck pain, jaw pain, worse lower-back pain. And always the knots between the spine and shoulder blade. I had an EMG, several x-rays, neck MRI, and many blood tests, all negative. I was still a teen then, and it seemed like my life was over.

In 2001 I was diagnosed with fibro, by a rheumatologist who was utterly useless treatment-wise. Since then, things have gotten somewhat better. I take nortriptyline 20 mg per day, and it reduces the pain. I read a book called the "trigger point self help manual" and learned a lot about how muscle problems can cause pain. Now I exercise a lot, carefully, and I get massages, stretch, and get trigger point injections. Life is pretty good.;)

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