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The flexion/extension x-ray is inexpensive as tests go, and you can save time if you have these basic tests before you go to the neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon. Without it, you will waste a couple more weeks, in all likelihood.

Don't be surprised if she starts to complain of pain running down her leg. With a disc herniation at L4-L5 that is causing mild to moderate foraminal stenosis, it would be quite typical to have some pain running down the back side, and the outer side of the thigh...and the report indicates the stenosis is bilateral, so she could have pain in one or both legs. Conditions like stenosis, which is a narrowing of an opening where the nerves exit the spine are typically rated minimal, mild, moderate and severe.

There are two major places for stenosis, the central canal and the foramen which are openings located by the facet joints. Your daughter's is affecting both sides at the L4-L5 and it runs from mild to moderate...which is still a tolerable level. When it gets on the high side of moderate and into severe, the nerves can become badly compressed. Then a decompression surgery becomes necessary to avoid permanent nerve damage. But your daughter appears to be far from that don't worry.

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