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Re: L5-s1 fusion
Jul 28, 2012
It is most definitely not normal to have legs go numb when walking. I assume you mean by that, the legs are NOT numb when you are in bed or in another position. Do they only become numb when you are standing or walking, but you have sensation at other times?

I've had two lumbar fusions and am well aware that it can take a compressed nerve a long time to recover. As a matter of fact my most recent fusion was two years ago in June, and I am still regaining feeling in my healing can continue on past the one year point.

However, I think most people can tell before a year if something just isn't adding up or making sense. I was quite sure around six months that my first fusion had not resolved my issues. I had exactly the same pain I had prior to surgery -- not new pain, and it still hurt at the very same times...but it took me two more years to find some people who could figure out what was causing the problem.

If you haven't done so, go back to your surgeon for a consultation. If he is less than helpful, I think you should think about getting another opinion from a different surgeon. Some surgeons won't see you until one year has passed from your surgery date, but that it not a universal "rule."

To answer your original question, if you are completely healed and have a solid fusion, you should be able to resume your career...but it doesn't sound like you are "there" yet.

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