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For a guy your age, your spine is quite diseased from neck down it seems. I would have 2 suggestions- one would be to see a rheumatologist to check you for ankylosing spondilitis or any other spondylarthropathy or connective tissue disorder. and I would also see a neurosurgeon, as some of these areas could be worked on, depending on which symptoms bother you the most. The migraines could be related to the neck arthritis. If you can get your MRI pictures on a CD to take to both specialists, they will be able to help you most, as seeing the films is more important than reading the report. As to the SC, surgery could be tricky. The hemangioma (cluster of blood vessels at lumbar 3) could be wrapping around the nerves causing pain. If you have one hemangioma, you can have more, and in view of the migraines, an MRI of brain with contrast might be reasonable as well. Any family history of ankylosing spondylitis?

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