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I don't know if I can tell you exactly what they will do in the way of surgery. I can only relate what I have been thru and the surgery they did on me.

But first one thing you said was that you were sent to a surgeon. What type of surgeon were you sent to? In my opinion for the spine you can either use an orthopedist or a neurosurgeon. But one thing that I would recommend is that make sure whoever you do see is that they were trained and currently practice in spine related issues. There are a lot of specialists out there so make sure you are seen by the right specialist.

As to myself and the type of surgery that I had, I have been thru 7 spine surgeries. Two of the surgeries were for the implanting than the removal of a spinal cord stimulator for pain. It was removed since it wasnt effectinv in dealing with the pain issues.

I have been thru both cervical and lumbar surgeries. I found the neck surgeries the most difficult to deal with. But that is my story. The worst was a 12 hour surgery that was done in 2 separate surgeries requiring Harrington Rods.

As to the lumbar I had 2 surgeries done. The first was for herniated discs. They were originally buldging discs that progressed over time. Because of the way the discs were I was not able to stand upright. I was hunched over. So they did a laminctomy. I was fine for a while. But then again I wasn't able to stand upright. I think the 1st surgeon didn't do the correct procedure on me. When it occurred the 2nd time I had something called Flatback Syndrome which is what caused me to be hunched over all the time. So the 2nd surgery whiche seemed to work required putting Harrington Rods from L2 down to the iliac crest. I have been walking upright ever since and that surgery ws done back in 1997.

I know you said that you had bulging discs. Do you have other issues such as stenosis of the central spine or of the foramena? When was the last MRI or CT scan done? And what do the reports say specifically.

Good luck and let us know how you make out...

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