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It is a bit odd to have pain simultaneously in both legs. Usually sciatic pain is prevalent in one leg. When it runs down both legs, it is usually a sign that there is some instability or there is a condition that is centrally located like a central canal stenosis or a herniated disc that is pushing out of the disc space in a central location (the middle) rather than on the right or left side.

One possibility is that your sacroiliac joints are unstable or perhaps one or both has slipped out of position. SI joint pain can mimic the symptoms of lower lumbar problems. The reason I bring this up is due to your comment about your pregnancies. Women often develop a situation after childbirth where the ligaments that support the SI joints stretch out and do not regain their stretchiness when the hormones revert after childbirth. This can lead to play in the joints, which can result in sciatic pain, one hip being carried higher than the other, a rotated pelvis, etc. A good physical therapist or someone who does hands on body work can usually tell if one or both joints are out of alignment.

While you are waiting for your doctor's appointment, try icing the lower lumbar area several times per day. Sometimes people try ice and say it doesn't work. You have to do more than try it. It must be a treatment that is used often before deciding it isn't working!

If tolerated, take NSAIDs like Aleve or Advil to help with any inflammation. Try to avoid sitting for long periods at one time. You might try finding some exercises and stretches for sciatica, try a few and see if it helps. Obviously if any of this makes it worse, stop...and wait for your appointment!

I was bothered with sciatic pain after the births of my children...then it went away for several decades before it came back.

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