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For years I have experienced pirformis problems. The pain was always deep in my buttock on the right side and increased when driving or sitting. Over the last few months it has gotten worse. I visited a chiropractor for a massage and adjustment and some stim, but it did not help. He suggested an MRI. The MRI was sent to a Dr. and he noted a 2mm bulge on L3 and L5 pushing right, and a 3mm bulge on L4 pushing back. Shrinking of the the canal on the right was also noted. But more alarming was a 1.3 mm bone lesion in the sacrum. It was advised that I have a full body bone scan and xray of the sacrum. Last night the I spoke with the chiropractor who received the report from the Dr., and now he says he is 99% sure that it isn't anything to worry about, but for safety sake would like an MRI with contrast and biopsy. I don't even know who is reading these reports or if this third test is actually necessary. My peace of mind is what drives me to do it, but on the other hand, I am in a great deal of pain with the bulges and would like to get so relief. Any suggestions out there?

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