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Hi teteri66, No, I'd never heard of a "dermatome map." I spent a few minutes Googling. Honestly, I was unable to make much usable sense of it. {I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed}. Your mention of iliotibial band syndrome {tight IT band} did strike a chord. Years ago, when an avid runner, I '[I]discovered[/I]' the tight IT band syndrome. It caused a painful left knee. Sport's doc determined a slightly shorter right leg may have triggered the problem. I religiously performed IT stretching exercises - and employed a 9mm heel left in right shoe. It certainly helped. Course, the tight IT band caused soreness in the knee area, even slightly above knee. [U]But not in upper thigh[/U]. This morning, I tried doing a few standing IT exercises. It didn't hurt leg. Maybe it even felt momentarily better. Certainly something to consider. Ah yes, the "piriformis." Don't know if he should be suspect or not.

[B]However[/B], Yesterday I experienced a "eureka moment." It's probably key here. I reviewed my Lotus Organizer notes. [B]Bam![/B] Why hadn't I made the connection. Maybe, cause no discomfort presented. On 8/27/12, a 5-cu ft chest type freezer was delivered to my house. I'd cut out a plastic pad for the 22X28" 70-lb chest to sit on. So, I attempted to wrestle/manhandle the freezer into position atop the plastic pad. The pad wanted to scoot with the freezer. I ended up actually lifting the bulky 70-lb freezer squarely onto pad. Having dealt with 'lower back issues' for nearly 50-years, I consciously knew my back was vulnerable. I did try to be careful. I didn't feel or sense I'd crossed the line of impropriety on 'safe lifting.' Course, I knew that really wasn't possible. Mission was accomplished with zero back discomfort - or so I thought.

On 8/28/12, the following morning, my first Organizer entry read: [COLOR="Blue"]"Today . . . woke up with MUCH upper leg pain. First notation of sciatic pain - consider inversion board."[/COLOR] The awareness of leg pain was evident - but didn't impair mobility. I did purchase Ibuprofen just to have on hand. Still, the 'light' hadn't dawned: you induced the sciatic pain from improper lifting. I guess a total lack of any lower back pain had blinded me to the reality of cause-and-effect.

On 9/3/12 (Monday), the pain had increased sufficiently to warrant 'experimenting' with Ibuprofen. And, I've been using Ibuprofen daily since. 2400mgs per day {my set max} only works to the point of being able to function - still hurts. During the night, the Ibuprofen wears off and I wake up with severe pain in my outer left thigh - no pain anywhere else.

teteri66, and readers, I welcome your comments and recommendations. My current thinking: 1) now that I connected the dots between lifting episode and leg pain, it appears only logical to attribute the sciatic type pain as linked to my aged and defective lower back; 2) On the hope that 'time' may work to put leg pain into remission, I'm thinking maybe the best plan is to keep taking up to 2400mg Ibuprofen and practice 'watchful waiting' for another week - or two; 3) start a new square-one. Make an appointment with a new back specialist at an orthopedic facility and start from scratch - new MRI. I think making an attempt to look for new/additional causes might be in order. Not knowing what's causing the outer thigh pain isn't good; 4) the weird part: only pain {but lots of it} is in the outer left thigh. No where else . . .


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