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Of course I am not a doctor, so I cant' diagnose you, but I really doubt you have lung cancer. Do you even smoke? I know one doesnt have to smoke to get this, but it certainly increases the chance. I would think it would more likely be a muscle or tendon thing. However, it could also be due to impingment in your neck somewhere. At least, that is usually the first thing that comes to mind for me.

I had a long time (and it still recurs) where I delevoped massive, excruciating left shoulder pain. Sometimes my right shoulder was also involved. It started several years while I was also having severe low back pain. My rheumatologist sent me for MRIs and x-rays of my low back and I was diagnosed & ended up having surgery for disc herniations and lumbar stenosis a couple years later. At one point during my low back pains, I developed this severe pain in my neck and mostly my left shoulder. The spasms got so bad that even my arms, hands, face, and neck were spasming. In my neck, it felt like someone was trying to choke me or wring my neck. I kept telling my Rheum about it, but he just would not send me for tests on my neck area. He knew all about my low back issues and urged me to have surgery, but just wouldnt check into my neck/shoulder symptoms. One point he saw my hands in spasms and said it looked like tetany. He knew what was wrong w/ my low back, but didnt' think anything could be wrong in my neck as well!!???!!?? He actually diagnosed me w/ fibromyalgia and kept giving me tons of lidocaine injections in my shoulders, neck, and all down my spine. It killed getting all those needles stuck into rock hard spasming muscles and made them spasm even more. Well, needless to say, I ended up stopping going there. A few yrs later I had to see a new Pain management doc...he sent me for new low back x-rays and well as for my neck. FINALLY someone was checking my neck. Well, there it was....cervical stenosis, several herniations, and one massive herniation causing myelopathy. This is what was causing all my shoulder and neck pain. I should really have surgery on my neck now, but I just cant afford it.

Just wanted to let you know that your issue could be due to herniations or some other compression in your neck (cervical spine). Of course it could also be muscle/tendon related, sore, etc...but if it's been causing you pain for several weeks and not getting better, or is getting worse, you should really ask about having an MRI on your neck. It really is something how many areas of your body can be affected from an impinged nerve in your spine.

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